What is Leading & Developing High Performance all about?

What is Leading and Developing High PerformanceThe model originated in the book ‘Leading & Developing High Performance’ and includes the process, mind set and concepts pertinent to this discipline.

The author is Ali Stewart’s great friend and mentor Dr Derek Biddle who is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, so his study of high performing leaders has been robust. He is also a Chartered Engineer, so he has a wonderfully structured approach.  He has produced a system that works, based on the best of everything that is out there, and adding the element missing from most other programmes, the golden thread which holds everything impeccably together to produce amazing results.

The book has wonderful testimonials from people who have either attended the trainer’s accreditation programme or experienced it as a client, such as this:

“As an engineer, 20 years of management have gone by thinking about systems, machinery, investment, budgets etc. Only now I have discovered how to oil, tune, grease and maintain the biggest resource … human. Thanks to Ali and Derek.”

Muzaffer Erdal Kilic, BSc.Nav.Arch.M.Mech.Eng, General Manager

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