A deeper look at your leadership style

How the Insights Deeper Discovery Profile will enrich your leadership style

Leadership style - Carl Jung's House on Lake ZurichJust over a year ago, on a beautiful spring day, I found myself in Boldern, on the edge of Lake Zurich, Switzerland, birthplace of Dr Carl Jung, whose Tower at Bollingen is pictured on the left.

This was a gift – to attend the Inaugural Insights Deeper Discovery Accreditation. A group of us were there from all over the world, including the founder and creators of this amazing model, and we were there to learn the in and outs and how we might bring this powerful model to our clients.

Since gazing over and drawing energy from the sparkling blue water of Lake Zurich, I’ve been reflecting on the rich learning for leaders contained in the pages of the Deeper Discovery Profile.

The profile is accessed through the completion of an online evaluator. It starts with a Personal Overview, which gets right to the nub of who you are. Others are finding it to be the most profound and personal reflection yet. And as we know, your personal style affects your leadership style!

‘Every advance, every achievement of mankind, has been connected with an advance in self awareness’ – C.G. Jung

The Positive Affirmation page helps you appreciate, more than ever before, the unique gifts you have, which serve to strengthen the visibility of your personal leadership style. This is a fundamental skill for leaders. If your people can see clearly who you are and what you stand for, this is tremendously reassuring for them especially in times of change. They know where they are.

With the pages highlighting your Hopes and Fears, it is helpful to notice whether you move towards the hope or move away from fear. They each have a different quality, which as a leader you can harness to create better results.

The Legacy page enables you to contemplate the ‘footprint you leave in the sand’. Is it the footprint you want or is there still some work to do? Being aware of the legacy you want to leave behind when you leave the team, company, life, or even when you finish this week or this day, is tremendously empowering for you and uplifting for others.

Leaders often don’t appreciate the impact they have on their team – but team members notice everything. Working on your legacy will further define your own unique leadership style and bring more clarity around your own and your team’s goals.

‘Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside, awakes‘ – C.G. Jung

Is everything in place for you to achieve your purpose as leader right now? When all is said and done, your fundamental role as leader is to develop your people, inspiring them to be the best they can be.

Leadership style and Insights Deeper DiscoverySo often in the rush and bustle of business life today we forget this, focusing exclusively on the task and not allowing people to develop. When people are inspired they rise above the mediocrity of day to day working and can surprise you with the most outstanding performance.

Would you like a careful look at the essence of yourself to strengthen your leadership style? For further information book a chat with Ali Stewart. She is one of the few accredited practitioners in the country right now.

The Deeper Discovery profile, more than any other tool, helps you to know or even discover yourself, and gives you space to reflect on the more important things in life, instead of sweating over the small stuff. You discover qualities which will help to bring you the greatest peace, hope and success.

Leadership style. It’s not just skin deep!