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Leading and Developing High Performance by Dr Derek S Biddle.

Leading and Developing book by Dr Derek S BiddleLeading and Developing Book by Derek Biddle.

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“The unique selling point of Derek’s leading and developing book is that it tells managers how to behave to become accepted as leaders. There are lots of books on leadership but very few are so practical and applied.”
Geoff Ribbens, author ‘Understanding Body Language in a Week’ and ‘Body Language’ (Hodder Arnold).

Ali Stewart and Derek Biddle (Chartered Occupational Psychologist) have been working together for nearly 20 years and the Leading and Developing High Performance book and programme is the culmination of extensive research within a variety of different industries and market sectors. Instead of the usual series of disordered modules, this programme takes leaders and managers on a clear path from transactional to transformational leadership. Leaders and executives readily associate with it because, very simply, it makes sense.

The origins for this leading and developing book was research into what high performing leaders actually do to create continuing high performance on a day by day, week by week basis. What they do in fact is not a black art and was performed at an intuitive level. They had a particular way of doing things and a consistency of approach that others failed to apply. The process and mind-set for leading and developing high performing teams can be learnt and mastered.

“The mystique to Leading and Developing High Performance isn’t a mystique at all really, but a readily understandable and accessible process. It is not to do with who you are, but what you believe in and what you do.”
Dr Derek Biddle, Leading and Developing High Performance.

Leading and Developing High Performance book.

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